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Natural Variability

The UN Claims Runaway Global Warming is CERTAIN, but Admits it's IMPOSSIBLE TO PREDICT!

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The UN climate bureau has been trying desperately to convince the world CO2 will cause catastrophic global warming, but their own report states the obvious, that climate is chaotic, and NO LONG TERM PREDICTION IS POSSIBLE!
The climate is admitted by the IPCC as being TOTALLY chaotic, so no prediction is possible, YET THEY PREDICT! It is insane to those of us who know something about climate! Here is what the IPCC says:

 To quote the IPCC:

"The climate system is a coupled non-linear chaotic system, and therefore the long-term prediction of future climate states is not possible. Rather the focus must be upon the prediction of the probability distribution of the system’s future possible states by the generation of ensembles of model solutions."





Other studies have examined the hypothesis that CO2 increases result in global warming, but have found no causation, instead, they find higher temperatures CAUSE CO2 to rise, outgassing from the environment


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jus' me   
jus' me

The UN is pretty much run by the same criminal trash that is running our country.  They will say/do anything to increase their political and economic power.  Our weather has become completely unstable because of the geoengineering being done by the Department of Defense.  I think Wiggington has it pretty much right:




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Maurice Strong was the originator and inspiration for the global warming fraud. He was an avowed communist who saw it his duty to turn the UN into a communist dictatorship of the world:

A good general article about him. He wrote the Club of Rome's report quoted here:

Tim Ball then refers to the the Club of Rome's report The First Global Revolution:

"In searching for a common in enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill.

"....believe humanity requires a common motivation, namely a common adversary in order to realize world government. It does not matter if this common enemy is “a real one or….one invented for the purpose."


The greatest fraud in the history of mankind was started by a million dollar fraud himself, Maurice Strong. After it was discovered he took almost a million dollar check from a known crook as a bribe he escaped to China to live out his life to avoid jail.

Unfortunately, in 2005, the most powerful man in the push to save of humanity — by steady promotion of the theory of human induced greenhouse gases — was caught with his hand in the till.

"Investigations into the UN’s Oil-for-Food-Program found that Strong had endorsed a cheque for $988,885 made out to M. Strong — issued by a Jordanian bank. The man who gave the cheque, South Korean business man Tongsun Park was convicted in 2006 in a US Federal court of conspiring to bribe UN officials. Strong resigned and fled to Canada and thence to China where he has been living ever since.

Strong is believed to have sanctuary in China because of his cousin, Anne Louise Strong, a Marxist who lived with Mao Tse Tung for two years, and when she died in 1970, her funeral was arranged by Premier Chou En-Lai. Anne Louise Strong was a Comintern member — an organization formed in 1919 as the Third International, with one of its aims to use “by all available means, including armed force, for the overthrow of the international bourgeoisie…”





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Global warming is a fraud. This paper shows the global temperature data has a margin of error of 0.46 of a degree celsius. That means all the increase of temperature measured for 200 years is swallowed up in uncertainty. Here is the paper that proves we don't know if it is warming or not:


Patrick Frank, Palo Alto, CA 94301-2436, USA, Energy and Environment, Volume 21, Number 8 / December 2010 DOI: 10.1260/0958-305X.21.8.969


Sensor measurement uncertainty has never been fully considered in prior appraisals of global average surface air temperature. The estimated average ±0.2 C station error has been incorrectly assessed as random, and the systematic error from uncontrolled variables has been invariably neglected. The systematic errors in measurements from three ideally sited and maintained temperature sensors are calculated herein. Combined with the ±0.2 C average station error, a representative lower-limit uncertainty of ±0.46 C was found for any global annual surface air temperature anomaly. This ±0.46 C reveals that the global surface air temperature anomaly trend from 1880 through 2000 is statistically indistinguishable from 0 C, and represents a lower limit of calibration uncertainty for climate models and for any prospective physically justifiable proxy reconstruction of paleo-temperature. The rate and magnitude of 20th century warming are thus unknowable, and suggestions of an unprecedented trend in 20th century global air temperature are unsustainable.

The ±0.46 C lower limit of uncertainty shows that between 1880 and 2000, the
trend in averaged global surface air temperature anomalies is statistically
indistinguishable from 0 C at the 1σ level. One cannot, therefore, avoid the conclusion
that it is presently impossible to quantify the warming trend in global climate since





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Why the Left needs Climate Change. @Natural Variability  Yep, the Club of Rome needs to have the poop's power restored to him, because if you attend his services on Sundays it'll help relieve the planet of the Climate Change fiasco...oops I think I just made a pun  :chuckle:


Try this out as a thought experiment: what would happen if, tomorrow morning, we had definitive proof that catastrophic climate change was impossible, wasn’t happening, and would never happen. Would Al Gore breathe a big sigh of relief and say—“Well good; now we can go back to worrying about smoking, or bad inner city schools, or other persistent, immediate problems.”

Of course not. The general reaction from environmentalists and the left would be a combination of outrage and despair. The need to believe in oneself as part of the agency of human salvation runs deep for leftists and environmentalists who have made their obsessions a secular religion. And humanity doesn’t need salvation if there is no sin in the first place. Hence human must be sinners—somehow—in need of redemption from the left.

This would go good under this topic:  

I got to thinking about this when reading a short passage from an old book by Canadian philosopher George Grant, Philosophy in the Mass Age:

“During the excitement over Sputnik, it was suggested that the Americans were deeply depressed by Russian success. I thought this was a wrong interpretation. Rather, there was a great sigh of relief from the American elites, for now there was an immediate practical objective to be achieved, a new frontier to be conquered—outer space.”

This tracks closely with Kenneth Minogue’s diagnosis of liberalism in his classic The Liberal Mind.  Minogue compared liberals to medieval dragon hunters, who sought after dragons to slay even after it was clear they didn’t exist. The liberal, like the dragon hunter, “needed his dragons. He could only live by fighting for causes—the people, the poor, the exploited, the colonially oppressed, the underprivileged and the underdeveloped. As an ageing warrior, he grew breathless in pursuit of smaller and smaller dragons—for the big dragons were now harder to come by.”

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