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Mars Alive

Crocodile / Dragon / Reptile on Mars?

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4k Resolution!

Incredible mars anomaly found in NASA's Sol 1035 Curiosity MAHLI (Hand Lens), captured what appears to be another cover-up by NASA, NASA has many tactics for covering up anomalies on Mars, like turning all life forms into Rock,  in this image there appears to be what looks like a Crocodile or Dragon or some type of Reptile creature's head on Mars, let me know what you think in the comment section.

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here is the link to the original Raw image from Nasa

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These life on mars or the moon videos are always pretty sketchy. A lot of this research seems to be similar to folks looking at clouds and imagining that they look like other objects. Light and shadow on a natural formation can create some interesting patterns that our minds can fill in the blanks on. Another thing that kind of bothers me about these videos is that the scale of the object in question is rarely if ever mentioned. Mars has undergone tremendous change at some point in it's history and with the evidence that it had/has water I think it greatly increases the chance of life there and possibly a tremendous loss of life but how advanced life may have ever evolved there is huge unknown and while some evidence I have seen is very interesting nothing I have seen to date is compelling enough for me to think that civilization evolved there.

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