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Vortex Based Mathematics

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 DarkKnightNomeD    1,571

You guys should check this out - http://www.esotericonline.net/group/vortexmath

Marko Rodin's Vortex Based Mathematics is a revolutionary system involving whole numbers, toroidal constructs and spirituality that explains the science of our Interdimensional Universe. Marko Rodin's discovery of Vortex Based Mathematics provides humanity with a unique and important key to the new interdimensional science we are seeking. 

The vortex takes you on a spiraling tour through the toroidal roller coaster of our interdimenstional universe. Please take time to enjoy these mind-opening videos ... from one of the planet's most "out-there" and inspiring talented people of our time - Marko Rodin.

His understanding of maths and numbers is outstanding and the applications of his Vortex Based Mathematics to virtually anything imaginable ... from Free Energy to the physics of galaxies and potentially to the science of consciousness and spirituality ... represent a magnificent contribution to humanity.


I'm throwing this video out there so you have something to watch after reading this article.



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This is really awesome stuff, and I really do love mathemetics because its within
everything in the entire universe, but still, we are limited by our understanding of
it just because we are human.

There has been a protective stop gap in the revealing of this final chapter and all the
mathematical questions that we can ever question. Great mathematical/mathematicians
minds have been turned to mush while attempting so uncover these things, and they
have been driven madly into seclusion, and even suicide!

The final answer is ellusive!

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And yes, there are some of us here who really do have a great interest in these things.
It's not always about intellect as much as it's about being intuitive, and yet by themselves
they are indeed still very powerful, but when combined and in conjunction with one another,
your mind becomes unstoppable while in hyperdrive, and that's something that so few can
ever hope to understand!

My thirst for knowledge can never be quenched!

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