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Obama’s Martial Law Plans Go ‘Mainstream’ in the Washington Times

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 BigRed    150


By: Voice of Reason




When referring to the massive military operation taking place across the country REFERRED TO BY THE PENTAGON AS “OPERATION JADE HELM 15,” if I only had a dollar for each time someone said something like, “If our military was REALLY training MARTIAL LAW, then the media would surely be covering it,” I’d have enough dollars to wipe out the federal deficit. For a while, my response was the same: “the fact that the media is NOT covering it is precisely how you know they ARE training for MARTIAL LAW!” I’m not sure if the majority of those in the mainstream media can even spell “Journalistic Integrity,” much less exercise any. It’s pathetic its taken THIS long to come out in the mainstream. A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE HAS ALREADY COME OUT SPEAKING ABOUT OBAMA’S MARTIAL LAW PLANS, The current GOVERNOR OF TEXAS CALLED OUT THE STATE NATIONAL GUARD TO MONITOR THE “EXERCISES” IN TEXAS, and a SITTING CONGRESSMAN WENT PUBLIC ABOUT WHY THE COUNTRY SHOULD FEAR THE JADE HELM “TRAINING.”

Continue here;http://right.is/politics/2015/05/obamas-martial-law-plans-go-mainstream-in-the-washington-times-27469.html


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This will not go over well with many people, and I hate to think what will happen
when the people finally say "NO!" They know this, thus jade helm! But that is not
the real reason for jade helm. They already know the markets and economy will not
fare too well come the last half of september. That's why they are there!

edit to add: But before september there will be a series of terror attacks in this country
I'm sure to cover the market and economy imploding!

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 CSB    1,664

Twisted minds can't keep secrets . The agendas are now becoming bolder and in the faces of We The People . I don't trust mainstream any more than I trust those in positions of authority . But still, I see that most sheeple " The unknowing ones " will have to shed a few tears before seeing clearly . They believe it can't happen here .



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