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Telling The Future of Your Country

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Easy. Just have a look at how your country has been developing over the past 15 years or so, and then you just extrapolate the data. This means that in the near future you will see more of the same unconstitutional nonsense, just more intense. The intensity and the number of human rights violations and breaches of civil liberties will go up over time, because it has been going up in the past.

Now this function may be a linear one or a logarithmic one, meaning that the speed at which the country will be deteriorating may even accelerate.

But even this may be discovered by analyzing past data. For example you may ask this question: Has the country been deteriorating to a higher degree between 2010 and 2015 than between 2005 and 2010?

By making a few calculations and drawing a graph you may even predict around what year martial law will be declared in America. No prophet will be needed here.

Let's not even mention Biblical prophecies here, because they'll only make you feel even more frustrated and depressed.

You could probably develop a piece of software predicting exactly when the government will completely go bananas. This could be quite useful since preparedness is half the battle. Watch out for the collapse of the Dollar its now just ariund the corner.

But this decay of America has been going on for a very long time, at least since 1913. It's just now that things have become so bad that even the most brainwashed sheeple start realizing that something isn't quite right.

The worse things get, the more mind control you need to keep up the world of illusions in people's minds. But now more and more cracks seem to be appearing in the Luciferian matrix.

It is very likely that the moment when people will see through the matrix, when a significant amount of the population will know that there is no real democracy in the US, that it's all just a big hoax, when people will discover that there's a man behind the curtain, that's probably when the masters of deception will drop their friendly masks, and that's probably when they will take off their velvet gloves and use the military against the American people.

So in a sense, waking up the sheeple may have some nasty consequences. The faster people are waking up, the more drastic the measures will be the elites will be taking.

Maybe you could plot a graph showing the percentage of Americans knowing that nine eleven was a false flag. When that graph goes over 75 percent or so, then the elites will probably be getting really nasty.

The world of velvet illusions prevents them from taking off their velvet gloves and use their iron fist. Why use violence if you can get what you want by way of deception?




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