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THE BIGGEST SCANDAL YOU CAN EVER IMAGINE is unfolding at the GCHQ building in Wiltshire, England: 'GCHQ' stands for Government Central Headquarters and is the preeminent SPYING STATION which collects all faxes, wifi passwords, browsing archives, SMS texts, emails and any other kind of communication from all over the planet and sifts and stores this data on behalf of Buckingham Palace. GCHQ collects and sees all this 'intelligence' long before the NSA and CIA. GCHQ has been around a very long time - it is situated next door to the Prince of Wales' stately home. GCHQ is filled with brilliant spies, 21st century satellite-tracking, internet interception and other technologies which feeds important personal profiles and private secrets of people to officers at MI6 and MI5.

GCHQ has its own masonic lodge where all its spies and secretaries can get together and have a knees up. This lodge is sometimes known as the SPIES LODGE - it's formal name is the 'Mercurius Lodge' in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Mercury is the god of messages and GCHQ intercepts those messages…

This GCHQ lodge meets at the Cheltenham Masonic Hall, which was purpose-built as a freemasonic ritual temple in 1823.

The Worshipful Master of the Mercurius Lodge was Mr Keith Harding. His other most important role was being the former membership secretary of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE). Sir Peter Hayman, Deputy Director of MI6 was a member of PIE and acting leader of the Labour Party, Harriet Harman, affiliated PIE to a Human Rights organisation which she chaired several years ago. Both Sir Peter Hayman and Keith Harding were eventually arrested for sex-related crimes. But Sir Peter Hayman was protected from a full trial by the brother of Elizabeth Butler Sloss.

Harding was convicted of an indecent assault against four children aged eight and nine in 1958 and classified a Schedule-1 offender, which meant the offence remained on his criminal record all his life - don't you find it strange then, that a masonic lodge packed with Buckingham Palace's top spies who work at GCHQ had 'no idea' that the boss of their masonic lodge was a convicted child rapist?

It gets worse than this. The Sunday Express newspaper revealed how Harding met MPs Cyril Smith and Leon Brittan in the 1980s when he ran a north London antiques store. Brittan rather conveniently 'lost' a dossier packed with evidence which outed Sir Peter Hayman as a pedophile.

Worse than that, Keith Harding appeared alongside paedophile television presenter Jimmy Savile in a Christmas special of the BBC show Jim’ll Fix It. Harding had been a convicted pedo sex criminal since 1958, and during the 1970s and 1980s, MI5 were vetting the CV resumes of all BBC staff - don't you think it was strange that Keith Harding, Worshipful Master of GCHQ's masonic lodge should be allowed to visit a BBC studio packed with unsupervised children and sit them on his lap in Jimmy Savile's dressing room?

GCHQ staff are trained to find out sensitive information about anyone and everyone on the planet - and yet we, the public, are meant to believe that not a single one of these GCHQ spies had any idea that Sir Peter Hayman [Deputy Dirctor of MI6] was a member of the PIE organisation, whose membership secretary, Keith Harding, was a past convict and simultaneously the Worshipful Master at the GCHQ Mercurius Lodge. Read more herehttp://www.enigmatv.com/the_enigma_channel/Magazine.html

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