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"We can't make it here"

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 CSB    1,665


Ever think back to when you were 'asleep' and how great the world seemed?
that seemed like another lifetime ago.
I remember it, but it seemed like
I was a different person.

this waking up process IMO is so similar
to being born again or REBIRTH.
i remember being fifteen.

I thought I lived in the greatest, most moral country in the world, with a legitimate government.

I thought scientists were truly hard at work trying to cure all diseases and create cheap, clean energy.

I thought the women and men in America had a strong moral fabric that would not break no matter what.

I trusted and respected the strangers around me. I felt like we were all 'in it together'.

Rapists, junkies, cowards, molesters, sadists, pathological liars... 1 out of every twenty thousand. Total anomalies.

Churches may or may not be right, but they were all just trying to do good.


Man... I felt so good all the time. So relaxed. So confident.

It didn't make life any better. Bad things still happened to me. I was just confused about being screwed over. Its not like cause I didn't expect it, it didn't happen.

These days I avoid being screwed over most of the time. But I'm never totally relaxed. I never have that true moment of peace and relaxation.

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