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Ft. Hood source claims certain Army personnel being trained for martial law and house to house raids ahead of Jade Helm

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 Ukshep    12,951

Source claims line up with past Special Forces training for domestic house to house raids

(INTELLIHUB) — Over the last two months there has been literally dozens upon dozens of reports about Jade Helm 2015 and what may actually be happening.

From theories that Walmart is working with the military for a martial law scenario to more grounded theories that Jade Helm is simply further training, although this time much bigger, for an eventual collapse, the public has been hungry for information and both the alternative and mainstream media has been there to fill that need.

It has come to a point where there is so much information and so many differing theories as to what is actually going on that the waters have become muddied and misinformation has slipped into legitimate reports.

With that being said, there is simply no way to know exactly what is going on and rather than self censor ourselves (like some in the alternative media have done in their quest to be seen as “credible” by the corporate media and every single person with an opinion on Facebook) we will continue to report on the many different theories surrounding Jade Helm and let the readers decide what to believe.

Source: https://www.intellihub.com/ft-hood-source-claims-certain-army-personnel-being-trained-for-martial-law-and-house-to-house-raids-ahead-of-jade-helm/

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As many have known cops aint no good. Anybody involved with this garbage is an enemy of the Constitution and every American.

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 CSB    1,660

As long as they keep the house raids with in the pedo politicians homes I will be ok with it . 

In my town we have had house practice raids done on empty or vacant houses for some time now . I have sat across the street in a lawn chair to have a laugh at them just to piss them off . Next time I will video a event . Its not illegal here to video police .

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