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GLOBAL WAR ALERT: NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg says “Heavy fighting could flare up at any moment”

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Mincing no words today, when speaking to the Center for Strategic and International Studies he made known to the world that the “challenges are clear” and coming from a resurgent russia”:

“Heavy fighting could flare up at any moment” words from the secretary general of NATO as he commends member nations for seeking a “path to peace”

Unfortunately the “path to peace” always begins with “footsteps to war.”

What exactly are the challenges posed by a resurgent russia?

Stoltenberg has planted his flag declaring Russia a threat to European security and independence and declared Russia’s military activities opaque and unpredictable.

It is astounding to watch world leaders hold an olive branch in one hand and a sword in the other… but there is nothing new under the sun

As the Secretary General was promoting his path to peace, soldiers under his command were showing their force for world diplomats during SARMIS 15.

NATO soldiers from the United States, Canada, Romania, and the United Kingdom assembled on the open battlefield in a coordinated life fire exercise.

Just as NATO calls Russian aggression “disturbing behavior,” how do you think NATO’s actions are perceived by Russia?

Each side is fiercely escalating their show of military power – while paying lip service to peace.

The Secretary General says… full heavy fighting could erupt at any moment.

Friends these events are happening RIGHT NOW. As you watch this report World War Three looms heavy on the horizon. Where is the corporate media? Reporting on world cup soccer corruption.

Watch the video here; http://right.is/politics/2015/05/global-war-alert-nato-secretary-general-jens-stoltenberg-says-heavy-fighting-could-flare-up-at-any-moment-27155.html

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eeny meeny, and miny moe
from where this comes, it wont show
So now to where, will all this go
back and forth, and to and fro
pinch yourself, might be a dream
cause things are never, what they seem

Watch What Comes Out Of Syria

cause it might be hard to see
lead or follow number three


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