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Study illuminates similarities between Mars, Earth aurorae

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GRENOBLE, France, May 27 (UPI) -- Aurora-like disturbances in Mars' upper atmosphere have previously been detected by space probes orbiting the Red Planet.

But those probes weren't monitoring wavelengths in the visible portion of the spectrum, so it wasn't clear to what extent a Martian aurora resembled the light shows found at Earth's poles.

New research, however, suggests aurorae on Mars are also visible to the naked eye.

A team of international researchers used advanced mathematical models and a simulation device called the Planeterrella to predict was a Martian aurora might look like. The experiments show the primary color in a Martian aurora is deep blue -- with hints of green and red. Mars' upper atmosphere is mostly made up of carbon dioxide.



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 Barbarossa    39

Since Mars doesn't have a single strong planetary magnetic field (it has thousands of small weak ones all over the planet) aurorae don't just appear near the poles like on Earth.  It be so cool if one of the rovers could photograph a Martian aurora in the visible light spectrum.  I wonder how close one of the rovers is to a aurora viewing area on Mars?

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I would love to witness the interaction between Mars and an approaching electrical discharge
of a comet! Wow!!!

But for now, I'll settle for a Mars sunrise and Mars sunset!


Look at all those clouds, and they claim there's no water on Mars? Well do I have some news for ya! First of
all, get rid of the red lens filter! That covers all the green and blue.
red green blue


Calling Tranquility Base, You've got a copy on me, com'on? Hunkering down for the nite! Stay alert for the
little beings!

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