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Moving towards the mark of the beast: Feds help fund implantable RFID device

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 Ukshep    21,333

RFID research further moves towards implanting chips in humans

(INTELLIHUB) — For years many within the alternative media have written about the danger to freedom posed by implantable RFID chips. From chips implanted into pets to chips used in humans to monitor their health, society has slowly been conditioned to accept implanted microchips as a useful science based tool.

Now, with funding from the National Science Foundation in collaboration with the National Research Foundation in Korea, researchers are attempting to create an implantable antenna for “long-term patient monitoring.”

“Antennas operating near or inside the human body are important for a number of applications, including healthcare. Implantable medical devices such as cardiac pacemakers and retinal implants are a growing feature of modern healthcare, and implantable antennas for these devices are necessary to monitor battery level and device health, to upload and download data used in patient monitoring, and more,” read the abstract for the grant. 

“This project will create a UHF RFID tag antenna that can be inserted under the skin for a permanent application. Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID tag antennas are printed using conductive ink and have found increased applications due to advantages such as minimal cost, low maintenance, good tag read range, and ability to operate without an integrated battery. Despite their potential use in long-term patient monitoring and wireless biometric tracking there is limited research on UHF RFID for insertion in high-loss human body environments.”

Although the government has so far only contributed a few thousand dollars towards the research, the fact that this is being pursued at all indicates that other researchers are also likely conducting research in RFID technology for use within the human body.

In fact, this technology has been promoted by the elite and the mainstream media for years.

Dr. Katherine Albrecht has long exposed the dangers of RFID chips through her books and during different freedom orientated conferences throughout the country.

An overview on her Spychips website provides a general introduction to RFID chips and the dangers related to this technology of government control, specifically focusing on the use of savings cards by grocery stores.

Source: https://www.intellihub.com/moving-towards-the-mark-of-the-beast-feds-help-fund-implantable-rfid-device/

Just one step closer to the mark of the beast, I really dont know how they can continue to gain momentum towards its implementation. Are people that stupid?

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Yes, people really are they stupid.

They will give up everything for a false promise of security.

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