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#1 There were eight people in black robes and one woman involved in this mock human sacrifice. The fact that the eight shrouded individuals were wearing black robes means that someone definitely wanted this to look like an occult ritual.

#2 This ritual was conducted directly next to the statue of the Hindu god Shiva that stands at the entrance to CERN. In Hindu lore, Shiva is the “god of destruction”, and this spot was obviously purposely chosen.

#3 During the ritual, a woman walks into the middle of the group, disrobes, and willingly lies on the ground.

#4 Subsequently, one of the individuals in black robes pulls out what looks like a knife and brings in down in a stabbing motion toward the woman. After that, the video quickly ends.

#5 CERN is officially calling this ritual “a work of fiction” and says that this was done without their permission or knowledge…

The video, shot from a window of a nearby building, is a “work of fiction showing a contrived scene,” officials said on Thursday.

“These scenes were filmed on our premises, but without official permission or knowledge,” a spokeswoman for the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) told the AFP news agency.

#6 It appears that CERN may know exactly who was involved, because their spokeswoman told the press that CERN “welcomes every year thousands of scientific users from all over the world and sometimes some of them let their humor go too far” and that “those responsible for the prank had access badges”. If this is indeed the case, why keep their identities secret?

#7 Previously, a bizarre “dance of destruction” was filmed at CERN with their full knowledge and permission that you can view right here. Many have pointed out that the “dance of destruction” appears to contain at least some occult elements.

#8 The police in Geneva are aware of this incident but they are not involved in the investigation at this point.

#9 An argument in favor of this being a mock ritual is the fact that the video was almost too perfect. The figures in black robes walked into the courtyard just as the video started, and even though it was night they chose a spot that was well lit so the person filming the ritual could get some really good shots. And the video ends very abruptly, and so we never get to see if the woman that was “stabbed” ends up bleeding. So there are definitely some reasons to question the motives and authenticity of what took place.

#10 This incident has drawn even more attention to CERN, and the hype surrounding the Large Hadron Collider continues to grow. In fact, large particle colliders that open up “doors” or “stargates” to other dimensions are even showing up in toys for our children.



They know who it is and that's all they can come up with?  Maybe it was all a prank, but they aren't getting any outside recognition for it, so what's the point?  

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If there is nothing strange, odd or curious about CERN, why would anyone want to do something like this?  They are rubbing this right in our faces. High temple of particle physics? wtf? 

Fake human sacrifice filmed at Cern, with pranking scientists suspected

Spokeswoman at high temple of particle physics suggests ‘scientific users’ of the Geneva facility ‘let their humour go too far’ with staging of occult rite


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Sounds like a mob of mad scientists in there, will only help to discredit them even more.

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Black = Purge the sins of Mankind. (from Grav's thread "black and white flags.")

That was the theme here. This ritual was designed in honor of the dark forces who control dimension travel and opening that time portal between this natural realm and another realm.

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If you look at the reflection in window,the person filming is also dressed in the black robe.so its a hoax,but did it symbolize soemthing or is it made like a hoax but it was a real human sacrafice??

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They murdered the guy who leaked the video. Below is a link and info.


"The man who was the source of the mysterious human sacrifice video filmed at CERN has been found dead.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by ‘Richie from Boston’ who wrote: “This is new footage caught on the grounds of CERN, videotaped from inside the building. If it’s real, that’s horrible, if it’s a staged ritual, that’s equally bad.

“But whether it’s a mock ritual or not, it’s still a ceremony being performed on the grounds of CERN.”

Speaking to The Mirror, he said: “So it turns out the origin of the video posted for the sacrifice at CERN has been found – the problem is, the man is dead. Now hoax or no hoax, let me remind you all we have seen this before and we know all that expose this evil are killed or made to disappear.“

‘Richie from Boston’ refused to give any more information about himself or the source of the video for fear of his own life.

According to the video upload, the ritual human sacrifice took place on August 10 and was filmed in a main square of the CERN grounds, near the Large Hadron Collider, in front of a six foot tall statue of the Hindu goddess Shiva.

The video is filmed from the perspective of a secret viewer watching from a window above the square. As the ceremony reaches its climax, the secret viewer lets out a string of expletives and flees, leaving the camera still running.

“These scenes were filmed on our premises but without official permission or knowledge,” a spokeswoman told Agence France-Presse, adding that an “internal investigation” was underway.

Asked to detail the security procedures surrounding access to the campus, the spokeswoman said: “IDs are checked systematically at each entry to the site whether it is night or day.”

A spokesman for CERN told Mirror.co.uk: “This video is a work of fiction. CERN fills up with visitors over summer, with users from across the world who come to CERN as part of their work, and some of whom occasionally let their sense of humour go too far.

“That is what has happened on this occasion. CERN does not condone this kind of spoof.”

However many people are refusing to believe it was a hoax, pointing out that CERN spokespeople have used this excuse before, and glimpses of chilling secret behaviour at the laboratory continue to leak to the public.

CERN hosts the world’s largest particle collider as well as the world’s largest single machine. The scientists are carrying out some of the world’s most elaborate particle research, including an enormously powerful proton smasher trying to find previously undiscovered particles.

Some theorists claim the way the particles are smashed ‘opens new portals into the fourth dimension,’ while some others believe CERN is being used as a portal to allow Satan to return to Earth."



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