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Texas is Under Attack - Weather Warfare!

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 garlic    2,639

Due to many years of drought, Texas was turning in to a dust bowl. Farmers culled their cattle herds for lack of pasture leading to increased beef prices nationwide. Lakes dried up across the state causing some areas to ration water.  The drought was really taking its toll on the state with no relief in sight.

Then out of nowhere, the rains came. Texas has turned into a swamp with epic flooding and rains occurring nearly every day. In the first 26 days of May it rained 20 of those days and more rain is in the forecast. Lakes and rivers are overflowing, damns are on the verge of breaking, homes are washing away, people are dying and Gov. Abbott has declared a state of emergency.

To add to the disaster, if it ever stops raining, the mosquito population is going to sky rocket leading to increased cases of West Nile,  Chikungunya Virus, Dengue Fever, Heart Worm in dogs, Western Equine Encephalomyelitis in horses, and God knows what else. Then they will start spraying cities with poison in an attempt to control the mosquito population.

This unprecedented drowning of the state has me wondering if this is an attempt to make Texas subservient to the Federal Overlords. We all know weather modification is real and it appears Texas has become a target of weather warfare.


Here is an interesting article that supports my theory that Texas is under attack.

Is Texas under attack by the U.S. Government for resisting Jade Helm? “Weather warfare right before our very eyes” 


As I’m looking through breakingnews headlines, and seeing the continuous references to the extreme weather so concentrated over TX, and coupled with the continuous chemtrailing that happens throughout the US, I can’t help but think that what is going on right now as part of the Jade Helm “exercize”, could not actually be the domestic roll out of weather warfare on an agressive scale. We know they can control the weather to at least some degree.

We know that the chemtrailing over CA and in the Pacific moddifies the jet stream to both keep CA dry and to force that precipitation east towards TX and other southern states. We know that Jade Helm is “pretending” that TX is a hostile enemy that must be engaged. The millitary is already rolling out across the state as part of this “drill”.

Why then, is it not reasonable to assume that as part of this “mock civil war drill” that they would not practice using the tools that they have in their arsenal? They used typhoons against the enemy in the Vietnam War, why would they not use this form of warfare against a domestic enemy as well?

I mean, how perfect is it that the military will be on hand to help “assist” the state with any effects of this “freak weather”? The citizens would stand down as the millitary rolls into major cities to assist in “humanitarian efforts” as opposed to protesting martial law drills in their peaceful state.

It’s just too coincidental that this Jade Helm thing is going on with TX the stated target, the biker shooting in Waco involved the Banditos gang which a year ago Holder’s (criminal) Justice Dept released a report about that gang and stated concern that they have many active and retired millitary, police and other federal government personnel as members (one of their “red list” targets that now they can portray as criminals), AND on top of all that TX is being completely hammered with extreme weather that seems suspiciously like what one would characterize as weather war.

I’m sorry, but to me this all seems too coincidental and too perfectly timed not to be part of an orchistrated and unified program. This is just conjecture but as we know, the truth is most often stranger than fiction.

Thought maybe I’d share this perspective as something to be considering as the alternative media tries to stay a step ahead of where they want us to be.

May God bless and protect you!

Link to the entire article:








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 garlic    2,639

Think they can't use weather as warfare? The US has been conducting weather warfare for a long time.  Have you ever heard of Operation Popey?

Operation Popeye (also known as Operation Intermediary or Operation Compatriot) was a top secret campaign of weaponized weather modification during the Vietnam War, from March 20th 1967 until July 5th 1972. It got its beginnings three years after the enactment of Project Stormfury (1962 – 1983) and 30 years after the first known US weather modification operations called Project Cirrus, which began in February 1947.

The intent of Operation Popeye was to extend the monsoon season over North Vietnamese and Viet Cong resupply routes throughout southeast Asia, particularly the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

Operation Popeye was a large and long running operation that successfully manipulated weather by seeding clouds, via aircraft, with silver and lead iodide. The crews, all from the 54th Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, were rotated into the operation on a regular basis from Guam. Inside the squadron, the rainmaking operations were code-named “Motorpool.” On average they were able to extend the monsoon season 30 to 45 days.

More info at link below.



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 garlic    2,639


​Right? Why do they need a treaty if they are not manipulating the weather.

The are flooding Texas and turning California into a dust bowl.  Drying up all the crops in California means higher food prices for the masses. Don't worry, the government will ride in and save us all!  lol

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 garlic    2,639

Add this to the list.. Yes...that's a normal cloud alright. lol

UFO-Shaped Lenticular Clouds Seen Over Texas Spark HAARP Weather Manipulation Conspiracy Theories

Photos posted online on May 26 show rare lenticular clouds seen over Robertson and Leon Counties in eastern Texas on Monday, May 25, following severe weather that hit Texas and Oklahoma causing flooding, devastation, and deaths.

Despite efforts by meteorologists to provide scientific explanation of the clouds, the appearance sparked conspiracy theories about UFOs, chemtrails, and weather manipulation experiments by NORAD and HAARP.

The flying saucer-like shape of the cloud sparked UFO rumors which were quickly dispelled by local meteorologists who explained the nature of lenticular clouds.

According to meteorologists, lenticular clouds are common in mountainous regions but rare in the plains. The rarity of lenticular clouds in the plains could explain why the appearance in Texas on Monday caused a stir on social media.

A Facebook user remarked about the images of the saucer-shaped clouds posted online by KTUL-TV weatherman Mike Collier, saying, “If you as a meteorologist hadn’t posted this then I would have thought it was photo shopped.





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