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Video Reportedly Shows US-Backed Ukrainian Forces Hang Pregnant Woman

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 Talon    716

For an example of the atrocious violence perpetrated by the US-funded Ukrainian regime, look no further than the above video, purportedly discovered in possession of one of its fighters. The disturbingly graphic footage shows a woman in her last term of pregnancy, side by side with her husband. Both are hooded and bound, with nooses around their necks — the ropes hoisted over a makeshift beam, and tied to a truck behind them. Three Ukrainian soldiers, also wearing hoods, pose for pictures between the couple, before one of the men signals for the couple’s execution by hanging, when he taps the body of the truck.

Like any video showing such an atrocious act, it is difficult to verify its validity. However, its discovery on the body of one of those soldiers was reported in a news conference by Leonid Tkachenko, who is the lead investigator for the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Luhansk People’s Republic. The LPR is an independent state established in April 2014, when it broke away from control of the Ukrainian regime. In this press conference, he describes the events:

“During a special op, the LPR law enforcement officers found the sabotage-reconnaissance group of the Ukrainian forces.” According to Tkachenko, there was a skirmish on May 20 near Luhansk involving the three Ukrainian “saboteurs”. Two managed to flee, but a third was killed in the fight,

“During the detention of the Ukrainian sabotage-reconnaissance group, one of the bandits was killed. He had a mobile phone, which we seized and found a video of the murder of the militiaman and his pregnant wife. Ukrainian soldiers had hung them. According to the preliminary findings of the investigation, we can say that those Ukrainian soldiers in the video are members of the Ukrainian ‘Donbass’ battalion.”

This is significant. Officially subordinate to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the Donbass Battalion is a volunteered unit of the “Legalized Ukrainian Army Forces”, which formed in 2014 to combat anti-Ukrainian fighters during an uprising. On its propaganda-filled website, visitors are ironically encouraged to “join [its] heroes”. Pres Obama announced in September of that same year, that US aid and guaranteed loans to Ukraine through the 2015 fiscal year would total $1,389,000,000. While the White House specified the package was “aid”, a paltry $7 million of the total would be allotted for “international relief organizations to provide humanitarian aid to those affected by the conflict in Ukraine’s east”, but the vast remainder of those funds were directed to “support Ukraine’s military and border guards”. To put it plainly, our tax dollars directly funded the soldiers who carried out this brutal execution.


I didn't watch the video.  I'm not posting the video.  Click the link if you want to see it.

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Pure evil Ukrainian regime supports this outrageous murderous behavior.

We can only hope Russian tanks flatten every square inch of ground those motherfuckers reside on.

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