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The End of the Civilized World

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Malthus http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Robert_Malthus predicted the end of the civilized world in a reply in a long running debate. Many think he said we would have so many people we wouldn't be able to grow enough food to feed us all. I don't know who came up with that one, it is not what Malthus predicted.


The end of the civilized world occurs when there are not enough jobs to go around was what Malthus predicted. He postulated that once there were not enough jobs to employ all the able bodied workers in a humane society the working class would have to support the non working population which would grow over time. Eventually the working class would not be able to earn enough to sustain themselves and the non working class. At that point one would be forced to consume the other or both would fail.


Malthus believed this would lead to outright barbarism and the collapse of civilized society.


We have reached that point.


In Greece today 27% of the population is unemployed. There will be no industry invented now or in the near future that will employ all of those Greeks and all their offspring. It is over for Greece unless they start exporting non workers. This spells the end for all the developed nations. They can no longer employ all their working population. Socialist nations can by making jobs. Capitalist nations rely on Corporations and Companies to create jobs. The more corporations controlled the employment scene the less jobs were available due to economic streamlining (they employ the least amount of people possible to maximize profits).


Now we have reached breaking point.


There is no longer enough employment to go around. There is no new industry to fill the numbers...and there never will be again.


Economically you have several streams of money. New money entering the system is money/valuables that has never been in circulation, newly mined gold, minerals, Oil, Crops, Livestock. These are primary sources of money. They have come from nothing or very small outlays compared to yield. Crops grow from seeds which cost cents but yield dollars. Minerals is even better and we know the economy of the world runs on Oil. Without all those millions of barrels worth of dollars being added each day the world economy would stop dead. It leaks so much and is being devalued at such a high rate that without all those Oil billions being added each week it would cease to have liquidity. Oil companies have slyly cut nations out of their asset by only offering less that 50% share of the oil profits. They have stolen the economy of the world and it makes so much money they can buy anyone..or have their lives extinguished.



Secondary sources come from money already in the system and these are being devalued constantly. Office jobs, service sector etc. This source of money employs most of the world, it is just money already in the system being made to do loops and circuits being eaten constantly by taxes at every purchase and sale so it is always shrinking. Without input from the Primary Sources of money the secondary ones are bleed out by governments and banks.


The People who have all the money aren't creating employment with that wealth.



And that is why we have reached the end of civilization as we know it. It was always coming with the system we have been operating under, but now it is here.


Unemployment by percentage of population




Doesn't matter which nation you look at none of them are going to have enough employment to fill the numbers of workers over time. Sooner or later the world has to agree to eliminate the non working class or suffer the same fate at the hands of those who are not able to earn a dollar working.


That time is now and the decisions are being made by people who's names we don't even know. How do you fix the Greek problem without either getting rid of non productive labour units or creating millions of new jobs out of nothing that sustain themselves?


Quiet frankly I see creating millions of jobs being in the “too hard” basket but getting rid of people has been a feature of human behaviour since Cain met Able. Very doable. Children’s Crusades was what the UK did to get rid of their burgeoning child orphan population at one point in their history. Solved the problem, no-one in the UK ever saw those kids again and they all got to go to heaven thanks to the Pope.


Perhaps we will all get to go to heaven unexpectedly as well.


The corporations have done nations out of their mineral assets for cents on the dollar and nations are just waking up to the fact they have nothing else that makes primary income streams of that flow. They got a small slurp at the money trough while the real pigs guzzled all they could eat until one day....it was all gone.


One day there will be more workers than jobs, just like during all the depressions. Depressions created by nothing more than competing business people who decided to see how fewer people you run a factory on because then you make more profits. “You can make more money by manufacturing in China, screw the USA economy and the people, we are just in it for the money”


This is the usual endgame for capitalism, the successful and those they raped for cash... And one knows they must eliminate the other before the other realizes it.....

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 garlic    2,639

Great Post! Yes we are approaching Bread and Circus time just like in ancient Rome. And we all know how that ended.

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 RabidWolf    1,080

If anything in the past 40 years has been "civilized" about this world, then I truly look forward to anarchy. It will be far more peaceful.

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Humans are worse than termites. They'll eat up their own house. There are no bumblebees on my property this year. None. Zero. And my fruit trees are almost fruitless.

Like I told Lucy on another thread,

:damned: is me.

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