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Tweet Gets Security Expert Grounded (Update)

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I can see where this is going. Before long no one will be able to bring a cel phone, computer or any other electronic device on a plane.


Security researcher barred from United Airlines flight after hack tweet

United Airlines stopped security expert Chris Roberts boarding one of its flights on Saturday, days after he had tweeted how the carrier's onboard systems could be hacked.

The researcher was stopped while attempting to board a flight from Colorado to San Francisco - where he is due to speak at the RSA Conference that begins today.

The One World Labs founder who was stopped by corporate security personnel at the gate, said United Airlines would not tell him why he had been barred from the flight, saying instead that it would send him a letter of explanation within the next two weeks.

Roberts had previously been removed by FBI agents from a United flight on Wednesday when he landed in New York, after jokingly tweeting that he could hack the airplane and get the oxygen masks to deploy:

Find myself on a 737/800, lets see Box-IFE-ICE-SATCOM, ? Shall we start playing with EICAS messages? "PASS OXYGEN ON" Anyone ? :)

The inappropriate comment led to Roberts being questioned for several hours, as well as the confiscation of his laptop and other electronic devices, although his lawyer says he is yet to see a search warrant.

Speaking to The Associated Press, United Airlines spokesman Rahsaan Johnson said:

Given Mr. Roberts' claims regarding manipulating aircraft systems, we've decided it's in the best interest of our customers and crew members that he not be allowed to fly United.

However, we are confident our flight control systems could not be accessed through techniques he described.

When asked why United Airlines had an issue with Roberts, given that it was saying its systems were immune to the hacking techniques he had detailed, Johnson said:

We made this decision because Mr. Roberts has made comments about having tampered with aircraft equipment, which is a violation of United policy and something customers and crews shouldn't have to deal with.

Johnson also said that Roberts had been notified of United's decision to ban him from flying prior to his arrival at the airport, explaining how the airline had called him several hours before the scheduled departure time.

Roberts' lawyer, however, said the call was assumed to be a prank as the United representative failed to give their name or a number to call back on. When Roberts attempted to return the call via the phone number received on his mobile, he was connected to a hotel, leading him to assume that he was the victim of a prank.

Roberts had previously spoken to the FBI before his detention last week - two months ago he agreed to back off from his avionics research after a meeting at the bureau's Denver office.

Rest of the article at link below:





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Control, control, control.  Thats part,  a big part of it all. >:(

​Seems to be the case all over.

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​Seems to be the case all over.

I know dude,  even at the smallest level.  

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Here is a follow up to the article... Like I said before, Its just a matter of time until you will not be allowed to carry electronics on board a plane.


Feds Say That Banned Researcher Commandeered a Plane

A security researcher kicked off a United Airlines flight last month after tweeting about security vulnerabilities in its system had previously taken control of an airplane and caused it to briefly fly sideways, according to an application for a search warrant filed by an FBI agent.

Chris Roberts, a security researcher with One World Labs, told the FBI agent during an interview in February that he had hacked the in-flight entertainment system, or IFE, on an airplane and overwrote code on the plane’s Thrust Management Computer while aboard the flight. He was able to issue a climb command and make the plane briefly change course, the document states.

“He stated that he thereby caused one of the airplane engines to climb resulting in a lateral or sideways movement of the plane during one of these flights,” FBI Special Agent Mark Hurley wrote in his warrant application (.pdf). “He also stated that he used Vortex software after comprising/exploiting or ‘hacking’ the airplane’s networks. He used the software to monitor traffic from the cockpit system.”

Hurley filed the search warrant application last month after Roberts was removed from a United Airlines flight from Chicago to Syracuse, New York, because he published a facetious tweet suggesting he might hack into the plane’s network. Upon landing in Syracuse, two FBI agents and two local police officers escorted him from the plane and interrogated him for several hours. They also seized two laptop computers and several hard drives and USB sticks. Although the agents did not have a warrant when they seized the devices, they told Roberts a warrant was pending.

A media outlet in Canada obtained the application for the warrant today and published it online.

Read the entire article here: http://www.wired.com/2015/05/feds-say-banned-researcher-commandeered-plane/


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So you guys think its ok for this guy to do these kinds of things?
Would you wanna be on that flight with someone fucking around
like that? He should've been arrested and locked up for a while
for pulling a stunt like that! And more than once!

Now of course this whole thing could very well be a ploy and a ruse
to just give them a reason for banning all electronics on any flights,
but why am I doubting this is the case with this story?

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