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10 Most Convincing UFO Stories From May 2015

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 Cinnamon    14,252


The above image highlights the good and the bad of the current era of ufology. For a while, a groundbreaking photograph that possibly showed a Roswell alien corpse was rumored to exist. The owners of the slide in question waited until earlier this month for their big reveal.

Underwhelmingly, the Kodachrome slides were no smoking gun after all and turned out to be quite a bust. When screenshots of the slides were inadvertently leaked through a promotional video, scrutiny abounded.

When the reveal finally happened all hopes of an authentic 1940’s image of a deceased alien turned out to simply be a picture of a mummified child. A blurred placard next to the creepy looking being became unblurred, proving it was a mummy. The picture was simply taken in a museum.

The bad in this situation is that it is easy for anyone to create a buzz out of literally nothing. An old slide existed of what might look like is the body of an extraterrestrial. Big hype can be built on a completely false premise.

The good that came out of this situation is how much scrutiny claims like this must face. Thousands of different sets of eyes can look at the same image and question it from a thousand different ways. False claims can quickly be squashed.

The following 10 UFO images and videos are open to the same scrutiny. Did May of 2015 yield some authentic UFO stories or are they to be taken with as much credibility of this ‘alien’ corpse?



For all of you who are interested in ufos. Much more at link. I figured these first pics of the supposed body were too good to be true and sure enough, they were. There are more in this article to be scrutinized, pics and videos, too.

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