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Innovations AI may soon monitor your live videos on Twitter, Facebook

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 Cinnamon    24,690

“She got caught up in the likes,” was how a prosecutor described the 18-year-old Ohio woman who is accused of live-streaming the alleged rape of her 17-year-old friend. There is no question that live-stream apps, such as Periscope and Facebook Live Video, carry the risk of exposing audiences to heinous images. In rare but harrowing incidents, users have watched as suicide, rape or domestic violence unfold in real time before their eyes.

The job of watching and removing violent or pornographic content from these live apps, as well as video sites like YouTube, has primarily been a human undertaking. Workers tasked with content moderation review hours of video flagged as inappropriate by users, taking down anything that violates guidelines. It’s a grueling and at times horrific job, and the sheer amount of content makes it a challenge formanpower alone. Now, artificial intelligence is poised to help with this task.

Software that can intelligently watch video is currently being developed by several companies, including bothTwitter and Facebook, for use on their live-stream services, Periscope and Facebook Live Video.

Companies, such as Clarifai and Dextro, have made huge gains in developing this kind of sophisticated software as well. Dextro, a New York-based start-up, currently uses video recognition AI to easily search through content on live-stream apps. While they don’t monitor for inappropriate content right now, instead scanning for video that might be interesting and relevant to a company’s brand, the technology or similar software could easily be used to weed out porn or violence.

Co-founder David Luan said the challenge lies in creating software that can interpret not just still images but moving images, audio and other “signifiers” that demonstrate what is happening in the video. “It’s like trying to recreate a human’s experience of watching these videos,” Luan said.



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