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Here are some of mind games that convention designers play

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 Cinnamon    14,436


Democrats are messing with your mind at this convention. Republicans last week did, too.

Democrats are making sure that their star speakers stand in front of soothing colors. They speak on a set that’s wide open and welcoming. Behind them are slogans that the party wants you to associate with Hillary Clinton.

It’s all part of subliminally delivering to millions of television viewers indelible images of Clinton and the Democratic Party. Political strategists have been employing such tactics since conventions became televised spectacles after World War II.

In fact, this has been happening for centuries.

As an example of using texture and contrast to promote an image, says John Gates, a Boston-based lighting designer and consultant, look to Egypt’s pyramids. They were “deliberately designed to be a form not found anywhere in nature near where they were built. Not just their height and mass separates them from their surroundings, the lines and texture do it,” he said.

These tactics are the same as anyone with something to sell. “It’s like the popcorn signs flashing in the movie theater,” said Ann Selzer, an Iowa-based pollster.



Is it just me or is mcclactchy sounding a little conspiratorial with this story?  *laughs*  Took 'em long enough to catch on and even longer to mention anything about it. 

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