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Dr. Jim Willie and the Systematic Bankruptcy of Western Society (Video)

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 BigRed    150

No matter where you look, unless it is under a rock - news is bad. Terrorists, police brutality, racist wars, gun grab etc etc. The economy is bust everywhere, but where is msm coverage? People are so dumbed down they haven't a clue! Thank goodness for alternative media, I think it will be the lifeline for a lot in the future. That's if the rug is not pulled from under us!

In the following interview, Dr. Jim Willie joins TrueNews to give his analysis, and offer his insight into what is happening with the global financial system. As usual, it’s not a message of hope, but it is a message of truth. To no one’s surprise I’m sure, Dr. Willie explains that the economic numbers being provided by the Obama administration aren’t just false, it’s downright tragic how bad the administration is lying. Perhaps the number that will shock people the most, is when Dr. Willie suggests the U.S. has been in recession ever since the Lehman Brothers collapse, and since that time, the U.S. has REALLY averaged -5% growth each year. 

Given Obama’s tendency to be a raging sociopath, -5% doesn’t seem too far fetched. After all, according to his own administration’s numbers, his failed redistributive polices have landed him as the 4th worst economy in presidential history, and the nation’s economic growth has averaged an anemic 1.5% during his time in office. Obama is the ONLY president in history to never get above 3% GDP. Well done jackass. Redistributive policies have never worked anywhere in history, but Obama was determined to use them here anyway, because promising “free stuff” wins elections. Guess what?


Given the Obama administration’s tendency to blatantly lie without hesitation, if they admit to only 1.5% growth, it’s a safe bet the figure is grossly inflated. Dr. Willie tends to be right about 75% of the time… and I’m not sure Obama has EVER been right, so you decide who you believe. Dr. Willie goes on to report the following numbers: 

Real unemployment over 25%

Actual inflation at 8-10%

Our economy has lost 25-30% since Lehman 

When the host says he’s been getting reports from around the world suggesting that in three months, there is going to be a “radical new chapter in monetary stimulus,” Dr. Willie confirms the reports and says that in countries still denominating trade in U.S. Dollars, the systems are collapsing and/or being artificially supported by what he calls African Zimbabwe hyper-monetary Inflation. If you don’t already know how printing money ended for Zimbabwe, look it up, and we are 100x worse. Our own Fed is the one artificially propping up the systems in other countries that are still trading in Dollars, and they are doing it with printed money.


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