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Hillary in Deep Trouble – “Hordes of Wall Street Executives” Descend Upon Philly

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 BigRed    150

“Make no mistake about it, if you think the Obama administration represents a bunch of oligarch-coddling banker puppets, you ain’t seen nothing yet.” - Michael Krieger

Right now, “Hordes of Wall Street executives” are descending upon Philadelphia, so I say let the evidence speak for itself. The purpose of this post, which includes an article by Michael Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg, as well as videos chosen by me, is to continue shining light on many of the Hillary Clinton realities that the mainstream media not only refuses to cover, but is actually complicit in helping her cover up! 

In an article from earlier today covering Trump’s speech at the VFW in North Carolina, it talked about the 10-step plan Trump laid out for transforming the federal government as we know it into one that actually does the people’s bidding. Trump said:

“Instead of giving bonuses to employees for wasting money, we’re going to create a new incentive program that rewards employees for saving money.”

Congress has an 11% approval rating. That means BOTH parties realize the system is not working, not for anyone. Then who could argue that Trump’s 10-step plan is not a good one? I’ll tell you who: THE ESTABLISHMENT, and those who represent it. Period.

Hillary claims to be the candidate who is “of the people, and for the people,” yet she hasn’t even driven herself in a car anywhere for close to 40 years. Politicians and their asinine rhetoric aside, is there one person on earth worth hundreds of millions of dollars (without ever producing or owning a single business), that you’d believe if they said they “understand the needs of ordinary people?” If they can’t even understand what it’s like to drive a car, how do they “understand” anything “ordinary?” GIVE ME A BREAK!

Hillary Clinton IS the 1%. She is a woman who dines with, and has causal email correspondence with members of the wealthiest (and arguably most evil) family on earth, the Rothschild family, yet she promises hoards of uninformed voters that she’ll be a champion of the little people, and not of giant corporate interests. 


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 YourMom2    1,282

Congress has an 11% approval rating? Seems kind of high. Those 11 percent must be imported and don't know anything about the legislative branches of governments which is a requirement for obtaining citizenship.

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