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Police and Government Disagree Over Whether Migrants Are a Terror Threat or Not

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 Cinnamon    14,442

The German Federal government has warned Germans not to suspect migrants of being terrorists, yet the Federal police warn that migrants have increased the threat of terrorism.

After a wave of attacks by migrant teenage Muslims the German Federal government is warning its citizens not to suspect migrants of having links to terrorism.

Deputy government spokeswoman Ulrike Demmer came out on Monday in Berlin saying: “Most terrorists who have committed attacks in recent months in Europe were not refugees,” adding, “This finding is consistent with recent studies, according to which the threat of terrorism is no greater and no less than in the general population,” Die Weltreports.

However, the German Federal police (BKA) have a much different view of migrants and their links to terrorism. According to the BKA the number of terror suspects among the over one million strong migrant population has dramatically increased and that number will continue to grow.



I have a solution for this argument. Let the politicians do the cop's job and let the cops sit in their offices for a month. Then, let's see if there is anymore arguments out of those idiots!

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 Millevolt    630

Its a GLOBAL coup! Not just Turkey. ~America, Germany, France, England, RUSSIA is also culling their military leadership.

And now the FBI on the rift with the administration?



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 Malevolent    1,960

You really have to be totally blind as a dead bat and ignorant as a Dem to not see that these buggers are a threat, or that 99% of them are!  Clearly even the MSM are starting to warm to the idea..





Britain could be hit in an ISIS drone attack after their latest killing machine was uncovered in Syria and Iraq, security experts warned today.

UK officials have found disturbing evidence the terror group is flying armed commercial drones over Syria and Iraq, it was revealed this afternoon.

Ministers said militants have deployed small drones carrying explosives to blow up troops and spy cameras to map out army positions.

The discovery last night led to warnings that lone-wolf jihadists could use drones to spray deadly nuclear waste over British cities or blow up civilians on the streets.



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