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Fourth echelon

Rio Olympics 2016: 37 more Russian athletes banned from the Games

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Earlier on Tuesday, eight athletes across canoeing, modern pentathlon and sailing were banned, as seven swimmers and three rowers were on Monday.

Governing bodies are making the rulings following the damning World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) report into state-sponsored doping in the country.

The Rio Games begin on 5 August.

The International Olympic Committee has said individual federations should decide if Russians can compete following Wada's report.


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 roamer    854

This comment made my day.


Let me begin by a confession. I support the western sanctions against Russia. I love the Magnitsky Act. The day the Eurovision was won by a Ukronazi manipulated Tatar in clear violation of the Eurovision rules, I was delighted. Likewise, I whole-heartedly support the campaign to denounce homophobia in Russia. I think that the NATO summit in Warsaw was a stunning success and I applaud the deployment of NATO battalions in Poland, the Baltics and, frankly, all around the Russian border. I think that Victoria Nuland and Mc Caine should be the next recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize and, of course, I totally support the complete expulsion of all Russian athletes from the Olympic Games.

I support all of the above because they all serve to show the true face of the AngloZionist Empire, something which the Russian people greatly need.


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