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Democratic National Convention DNC LIVE Coverage live News Stream (embedded stream is first post here) DAY 2

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Anybody find it interesting that Philadelpia was the flight that the people on board took the flight down on September 11?  It was shown about 10 years later that Lt. Heather Penny was going to Kamakazee into the plane to take it down, because all they had on the fighter was rubber bullets.  It was already taken down by the time that Penny reached it.  The thought just occurred to me with the fact that the demoncrats are putting up a fence around the DNC.  Just seemed kinda funny.

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 YourMom2    1,286
1 hour ago, octopus prime said:

Oh, that's still going on? 

One can only stomach so much of the ongoing circus. The people need a break from the clowns and the violence.

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