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Fourth echelon

The White House That Slaves Helped Build

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WASHINGTON — When Michelle Obama said in her primetime televised address to the Democratic convention on Monday night that the White House was built by slaves, she was citing a little-discussed fact that dramatized her own African-American family’s place in history.

But the first lady’s assertion was met with derision and disbelief by some, who questioned whether it was true and said her choice to mention it amounted to an attempt to divide the country on racial lines.

There is little dispute among historians that slaves had a role in the building of the White House. According to information posted on the White House Historical Association’s website, planners had initially intended to import workers from Europe but had trouble recruiting any, so they “turned to African-American — enslaved and free — to provide the bulk of labor that built the White House, the United States Capitol, and other early government buildings.”


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 Malevolent    1,947
2 hours ago, YourMom2 said:

OMG, the Irish and the Chinese built the railroads...at slave wages.

Michael needs to STFU.

It is really a sad day when the wife (sic) of the illicit (in all facets of illicit) POTUS can think of no other inspiring words to start a political rhetoric than absolute bullsh!t with a very, very strong racist innuendo.  What she has done is really expressed her disregard for the truth and historical facts, instead she (sic) elected to massage and distort the historical facts in a manner that suits the ill-manufactured narrative of the Democratic bunch of communist wannabees. 

In a way I can sympathize with the broad-spectrum of intelligent and logical Americans for in my country we also have a similar driver directing the gravy train in his own direction.  A very sad and worrying fact that a great country like America (and SA) is being ruined by people hell bent on serving their own (and handlers') interests at the cost of the people who actually are the moral fiber of the country.   It may well be that this is all part of a "master plan", but that does not mean we have to like it!

With this lot and a possibility that voter data will be so distorted and hijacked that the Klingonwoman may even "win" there has never in history been a moment where the famous words were not needed more - "God help America!"


Edit: Just so we are clear on ILLICIT



Adj.1.illicit - contrary to accepted morality (especially sexual morality) or convention; "an illicit association with hissecretary"

licit - sanctioned by custom or morality especially sexual morality; "a wife's licit love"

2.illicit - contrary to or forbidden by law; "an illegitimate seizure of power"; "illicit trade"; "anoutlaw strike"; "unlawful measures"

illegitimate, outlaw, outlawed, unlawful

illegal - prohibited by law or by official or accepted rules; "an illegal chess move"



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