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Detailed List of Findings in Wikileaks DNC Document Dump Pre-Convention

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 BigRed    150

Unless you’re a card carrying member of the “what’s in it for me crowd,” or you’re a card carrying member of the “most uninformed people in the country crowd,” virtually anyone arriving on this page with the intention of digging though all sorts of scandalous Clinton material compliments of Wikileaks, most likely already has a very healthy disdain for the woman.

If somehow before landing on this page you didn’t already think Hillary Clinton was one of the most despicable human beings on the planet, then by the time you sort through the material provided by Wikileaks, and by the time you go through the Hillary’s Greatest Hits section I provide at the bottom of the post, no doubt the disdain will be there. 

The Hillary’s Greatest Hits section at the bottom is filled with all kinds of sordid stories and links that chronicle her career of corruption. Before you get to all that though, on a much lighter note, I invite you to watch the following video presented by Stephen Crowder where he lists 5 reasons to hate Hillary Clinton. 

What makes this list so interesting, is Crowder takes all the special interest groups that would likely be loyal to Hillary into account when he made the list, and therefore created it to be a list of “5 universal reasons that anyone can hate Hillary Clinton,” and it’s very funny. Enjoy!


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 VonLud    589
6 minutes ago, yaknow said:


i believe they referred to getting the latino vote as "taco bowl engagment".

All this being released makes me feel like some heavy hitters are behind TRUMP.i and i like him,but cautious

The pandering by the democrats is so insulting and 100% contrived, IMO.

They treat people like dogs. "Who's a good lackey? Oh! You are, good boy."

With the fake ass smiles and "yo hablo espanol muchachos. Yo quiero taco bell."

f*** that.



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