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Proof the U.S. Is a Lost Cause – Even Pokemon Has Become Grossly Orwellian (Video)

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 BigRed    150

I’m not sure which I find scarier, the information contained in the three videos below, or the fact that most Americans have become so desensitized to the “off the wall” stories our media reports as “news” these days. Being 40, and a child of the 1980’s, I can say with absolute 100% certainty, that if any of the stories you’re about to learn about below were reported back when I growing up, entire towns and counties would have stopped dead in their tracks from a combination of both horror and shock.  

Forget politics for a moment. All of this transcends politics. It’s not about right or left, liberal or conservative, Republican or Democrat. What you’re about to learn would not even have been considered “political” back when I was growing up. They would have been considered batsh** crazy! Period. Today, we refer to the absolute insanity you’ll learn about below simply as: The Evening News. 

The first video features Glenn Beck, and whether you love or hate his politics, there is no denying he hits the nail right on the head in his two minute tirade captured on video below. Before we get to the insanity, enjoy Glenn’s tirade, then we’ll get to the crazy stuff!


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