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Obama’s race war is no accident

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 CSB    1,660

Obama’s race war is no accident

By Sartre - July 24, 2016

What will it take for citizens to face up to the nature of the state of terror against the American people? All the attention about Islamic suicide fanatics provides ample cover to ignore the pathetic condition of race relations that has been a hallmark of the Obama administration. If a POTUS person of color was accused of festering discontent, the fable disinformation media would pay no attention to or paint the charges as racist. The liberal sociopaths that project the progressive culture are obsessed with smearing all dissent from their authoritarian oppression as based upon bigotry that objects to the supremacy of their multicolored Marxism.

Read the whole post here : https://www.intellihub.com/obamas-race-war-is-no-accident/


I believe it is Obama that is racist And I to believe that Obama hates America and American culture " The American Dream " . I have heard it said that America has had no culture being that America is a so called no bias nation . Really are we up for grabs now being we are no longer with a dream for true freedom from state ?

The Constitution is dead with in the corporate state but still alive and well in the harts of many dreamers the real American people .

I suppose we will have to fight for it one more time


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I find it hard to believe.  Obama had a plan that worked? That's a little far-fetched don't you think? 

Seriously,  it was a plan and Obama played his role.  Just another puppet in a long line of them . 

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 Lucy Barnable    2,659

Race relations reach all-time low under Obama: poll
 July 19, 2016

Sixty percent of respondents in a Rasmussen poll released Tuesday said race relations have deteriorated under Mr. Obama, the highest mark since he was elected eight years ago. That number is up 18 points since 2014, when 42 percent said the relationship between the races had worsened.

Just 9 percent said race relations have gotten better under the first black president, and 28 percent said they have stayed about the same.



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