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Roger Daltrey of the Who Threatens Pot Smokers at Concert?

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My how times have changed. I remember the days when the Daltery used to stumble around the stage and Pete Townshend busted up his guitar at the end of a concert.  I guess even hard core rockers get old and crabby. So if you are going to a Who concert....leave your pot at home! LOL


Roger Daltrey Doesn’t Want Fans Smoking Pot at Who Concerts

Boy, how things have changed since the ’60s. Roger Daltrey threatened to stop a Who concert last night after he smelled pot smoke in the audience.

According to Newsday, the band was playing a show at New York’s Nassau Coliseum yesterday when an abundant amount of weed smoke started to make itself to the stage. Apparently, the singer is allergic to marijuana smoke and it causes his voice to stop working.

You can see Daltrey scold the audience member with the wicked bud in the above video. (UPDATE: The video has been removed by the user.) He asks him to stop puffing or he would walk offstage. Then Pete Townshend gets a few words in too, before the fan apparently put away his stash and let the band continue on with its 50th-anniversary tour show.

Newsday‘s review notes that “the smoke’s impact was almost immediate on his voice, which went from crystal clear and potent for the opening ‘I Can’t Explain’ to something rougher and more limited during ‘I Can See for Miles.’”

Townshend’s been in a particularly prickly mood lately. Earlier this week, he released a new solo song, “Guantanamo,” about the Cuban prison camp where alleged torturing occurred following one of the wars the U.S. has been involved in over the past few years. In the song (which is from an upcoming solo compilation), he spits his words and hasn’t sounded this angry since that time he kicked a cop.

The Who’s 50th anniversary tour continues through November, with dates in North America and Europe. Townshend also has a special gig on July 5 in London, where his 1973 rock opera Quadrophenia will be performed by a classical orchestra.



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Sounds almost the opposite to Pink Floyd.


Perhaps Daltrey forget Tommy wasn't real or maybe he had been tripping while watching "The Wall" before performing.

"Are their any Queers in the theatre tonight?"

"Get them up against the wall!"

"Here is one in the spotlight he don't look right to me."

"Get them up against the wall!"

"And that one look Jewish and that one's a coon, who let all this riff raff in the room?"

"There is one smoking a joint, and that one's got spots, if I had my way I'd have all of you shot!"



The real sad truth is Daltrey's voice is gone and has been for a decade at least and the rest is all excuses. Sad from a man who's band used to highlight cutting social issues between taking enormous amounts of drugs themselves. Damn shame when you pay to see someone perform and they tell off you the paying customer. Without all those fans rock bands would not have a cent to their names. At least we now know where The Who really stands of personal freedoms.

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