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Somebody needs to hang for this!

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 Cinnamon    16,212

Talk about callous indifference!  This guy laid there from the 25th to the 27th, they literally threw food cartons at him and all I saw was one cup of water given to him the entire time!  I hope they throw the book at these freaking idiots and they can never get a job again! 

'Help me!': Judge gives go-ahead to family lawsuit after inmate dies



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 Lucy Barnable    3,014

“A significant number of jail staff were aware that Mr. Williams did not walk, stand, sit up, eat, or drink on his own for days,”Dowdell’s ruling read.
In another instance where Williams defecated on himself, jail staff placed him on a gurney then rolled him off into the shower where he hit his head. They left him there for three hours.

Judge Dowdell said, “During that time, he was heard screaming ‘help me.’”

How can anyone treat someone this way?
How can sleep at night knowing what they did?

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 YaKnow2.0    408


I just got done reading this and cut it and was goin to start a thread or throw this somewhere.i think this has a lot to do with it.its inmate labor.They just refere to you as a number,makes you less human,then most guards are people who couldnt be a cop!its a buisness just like everything else

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 Cryptic Mole    3,596

I remember reading that story and how upsetting it was that any human could do something like that to another. The guy was obviously in trouble and needed help, but no one cared enough to help him. To me, that's the same as murdering someone. If I were the judge, I'd toss the book at anyone who played a part of that.

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