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Underground methane bubbles

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 Cinnamon    14,376

This does not look good!

Published on Jul 20, 2016

Bubbling earth - scientists discover bubbles of methane under ground at Belyy Island off Yamal peninsula

Video credit Environmental Research Centre, Alexander Sokolov


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Apparently, methane gases found in the Burmuda Triangle would equally bring down ships and airplanes.  I don't remember what the show was called but it did tests at the University of Michigan to show that the methane gas was unstable enough to sink ships.  Then somebody else did a study on how the reduction in air, would cause engines to seize up (even jet engines), as well as reduce lift to wings.  They also cross referenced this with ships that were found off the coast of Florida buried under the sea (multiple ships in about the same place), to find the same.  

But here this is land instead of air and/or water so this maybe interesting.  

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 thedudeabides    2,000
5 hours ago, counterintelligence said:

Reminds me of the Canadian river that changed colors.



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 roamer    703

Wow, they found a large underground bubble on Yamal which is ready to explode (article with many pics):



'We spotted one more big pingo not far from the crater,' he said. 'We will not say the exact location of the pingo, because journalists or scientists could try and go there, and it is very dangerous.

'This pingo can potentially explode at any moment. According to the preliminary estimates this pingo is bigger than the one that preceded the famous crater. We will monitor this pingo remotely from space. Now we are trying to make the list of the features to easily determine if the pingo is potentially dangerous.'


Danger of methane explosions on Yamal Peninsula, scientists warn

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