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Muslim Mobs Attack Brits, Get Run Over. Instant Karma!

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 Ukshep    13,306

The media is reporting this as good muslims agenda. So after the text watch both the videos and judge for yourself!

This is the sickening moment a man is sent flying 20ft into the air after being hit by a car during a huge brawl.

The shocking footage was recorded in Sheffield and shows a number of people caught on camera fighting in the street.

As one man wearing a white T-shirt dashed with blue walks into the middle of the road, he is mowed down by a car.



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 Malevolent    1,973

Those fighting scenes will soon be replicated in America.  Your POTUS and his merry gang of whatchamacallits (No not the candy bar - the idiots) are hell bent on accelerating the influx and exacerbating the pressures put on Joe Public.  SHTF is but an import of migrants away!  



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