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Be Advised - Miami Orlando Dallas Houston

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 DarkKnightNomeD    1,599

Some reports of Possible riots in northern Miami - tweets and such, calls for it to be torched. VIRAL- After a cop shoots a caretaker/councilor on video with hands up laying on the ground, three times. The police have tried to contain the "situation", but the MSM has picked it up and is milking it.

From mikey, anons and others.

Update - Word has it Cities now being planned for mass riots instead of Northern Miami. 





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 CGK    2,174

Oh not this crap again!

Note to trouble makers...Dallas has robots and know how to use them!!!! Just sayin....

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 Quick1966    1,030

It's too hot down here to be protesting. Besides I read that the man who was shot was already in talks with the city. So I'm sure he'll get a big payday. I just hope that the city $hit cans the cop who shot this guy.

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