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octopus prime

RNC pretty tame so far, only 22 arrested

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Including these 18 commies:

https://www.yahoo.com/news/17-arrested-rnc-flag-burning-000000901.html Flag-burning melee is most raucous protest of RNC so far; at least 18 arrested

CLEVELAND — Police here arrested 18 protesters, two of them on felony charges of assaulting a police officer, after one of them lit an American flag on fire Wednesday.

Police have not identified the protesters, but the Associated Press and local media reported that one of those arrested wasGregory Lee “Joey” Johnson, whose burning of a flag 30 years ago at a GOP convention led to the landmark 1989 Supreme Court decision ruling that flag-burning is speech protected under the First Amendment.

Cleveland police Chief Calvin Williams said during a press briefing Wednesday night that the protester who set the flag alight inadvertently caught his pants leg on fire. When police officers tried to extinguish the flames, he fought back, which led to the felony assault charge.

The melee involved a group, identified by local media as the Revolutionary Communist Party, outside the secure delegate entrance to the Republican National Convention hall and near Cleveland’s East Fourth Street entertainment district.

Another protester was also charged with felony assault, authorities said, and 15 other demonstrators were charged with failure to disperse. The details of one of the arrests was not yet known.

Williams said that the suspects were not arrested for lighting the flag on fire, but rather for inciting violence and assault.

“[The protester] lit himself on fire… he lit other people on fire,” said Williams, which turned the demonstration into what police deemed an “unlawful assembly.”


@PrincessButtercup, I guess it's okay to hurl urine as long as you don't set yourself on fire. Personally,  I would have let  them burn a little longer. 

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Well urine should be sterile, so as gross as it is to get in a pissing contest, it's not likely to immediately kill you.  Fire will kill you dead if you give it even 1/10th the chance.

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