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Derivative Nightmare Approaching

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Rising Gold Price Could Set Off Derivative Nightmare

Bill Murphy, Chairman of GATA (Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee), says precious metal prices have been relentlessly rigged by central banks and governments.  Murphy contends, “If gold were to just to have kept pace with inflation, forget all the QE, it would be double what it is today.  That’s how artificially low the price of gold is today, and also silver.  Once they lose control of silver, it will go from $22 to $100 per ounce very fast.”


Article here:



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A seven hundred trillion dollar nightmare indeed!

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Economic MELTDOWN by September | Bix Weir



- Silver to rise soon ►0:21
- JPMorgan to profit from the coming rise in silver? ►2:29
- Economic meltdown in September? ►5:23
- Was the gold and silver price take down orchestrated? ►10:59
- Are the rich holding fake gold and silver? ►13:55
- Silver and BitCoin to be used as money ►16:33

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