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Alleged “Radical Imam” Who Refused to Shoot Americans Framed by FBI (Video)

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 BigRed    150

Barack Hussein Obama is evil personified, and let me assure you he has every intention of harming this country as much as we the people allow him to get away with, until the time comes when he either vacates the office of the Presidency willingly, or has to be removed. Over the last seven years there have been plenty of discussions about false flags and Obama’s treasonous activity, many of which date back almost as far back as the day Obama usurped the office he now holds hostage, but few of them will prepare you for what I am about to lay out. This country is in BIG trouble.  

By exposing what the FBI did to this Imam in Orlando, my intention is to show you how dangerous Obama is right now. However, before the story about the Imam who was framed by the FBI as part of the Orlando false flag shooting, the following video establishes a foundation for claims about false flags and Obama’s treason. It also provides important background information that is crucial. To establish a foundation for Obama’s treason, it’s important to note that I’m not referring to accusations made by so called “right-wing conspiracy theorists” like myself. I’m referring to accusations of treason made by 3 Generals, a Four-Star Admiral, and former CIA Director, and others, which I’ll review. 



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