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'I want to feel safe': Today Extra's Sonia Kruger

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 Malevolent    1,974

This chick has balls - she calls a spade a spade and obviously now she gets called all kinds of names.

Why can these "groups" say and do what ever the fck they want but when someone else has an opinion other than theirs then the freaking libtards join like a pack of wolves and hunt the person down..

See the video at the SOURCE


Sonia Kruger has called for Australia to stop Muslim immigration because she wants to 'feel safe'.

During a fiery Today Show panel discussion Monday, the TV host argued there is a correlation between the number of Muslims in a country and the number of terrorist attacks.

'Personally, I would like to see it stop now for Australia because I want to feel safe as all of our citizens do when we go out to celebrate Australia Day,' the media personality said. 

The television host said she had 'a lot of very good friends' who were Muslims and peace-loving, beautiful people. 'But there are fanatics.'

The remarks have sparked a social media firestorm but in response Kruger said 'it was vital to discuss these issues without automatically being labelled racist'. 


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 Malevolent    1,974

France has its own version of Trump it seems.


French right-wing politicians: Total Ban veils, throw out the foreigners and close the jihadists mosques

Le Figaro - writes that Myard now require a tightening of the law to stop the violence but also get rid of Muslim symbols from public spaces. Already today is comprehensive Islamic clothing such as burqas and the niqab banned in public places in France, but Myard want to go a step further.

- We need to send home those who have dual citizenship and we must strengthen the legislation, he says to the Russian Sputnik.

- We need to implement the state's secular ideas and principles and not have women in France who hides his face behind veils. Otherwise, we are soon on the brink of civil war.

The rest translated HERE



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