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People Caught Trespassing at Area 51

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Hidden within a ring of mountains deep within the high desert is Area 51, a secretive military installation that exists as part of the Nellis Military Operations Area. Well known for its role in conspiracy theories, it has served as a military test facility since the 1950's.

Originally known as "Site II" or "The Ranch", this mysterious base is where Lockheed created the first U2 spy planes. They went on to build the SR-71 Blackbird, the A-12 (or OXCART, likely the inspiration for many UFO sightings) and the F-117 Nighthawk at this location, shrouded in secrecy and deep in the desert. The base is perhaps the most famous secret military base in the world, and for decades determined visitors have been attempting to get close, yearning for a chance to unlock its secrets with their telephoto lenses.


Consistently thwarted, the snooping citizens are unable to get close—the area around the base is patrolled by numerous pickup driving guards armed with M16s, allowed to use deadly force if someone does not halt on entering the base. As of yet, there has never been such an incident, but it's surely a deterrent. Usually the guards call the local police, who dole out a $600 fine to those curious enough to try and get too close. The closest legal vantage point of the base is at the top of Tikaboo Peak, around 26 miles away. 


At the border of Area 51 are no trespassing signs that warn that the "use of deadly force is authorized." On the public land outside the boundaries electronic sensors in the ground detect foot and vehicle traffic. Unmarked Blackhawk helicopters that cruise the perimeter, searching for intruders, are ready to summon unidentified, armed patrols to greet unwelcome visitors.

When curious spectators found a ridge that let them observe the base from a distance of 12 miles the government quickly moved to withdraw the hill from public use. Now the closest public observation point to Groom Lake is now Tikaboo Peak (7908') some 25 miles away to the east. Even the sky there is made secure by the "Dreamland" restricted airspace zone that extends outside the borders of Area 51 and up to space. The zone is in effect twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and not even the military pilots that use the rest of the huge Nellis range dare to breach it.



Moment BBC film crew was held at gunpoint after trying to sneak into Nevada's Area 51 military base with UFO conspiracy theorists
Agents held the 12-man team at gunpoint for three hours while checking their credentials
Area 51 rumoured to hold the crashed space-ship as well as the bodies of aliens which were removed - still alive - from the wreckage
'Apache helicopters were called in and Washington phoned London after trespass'
Team say they were followed in the days following attempt
Same BBC team caused outrage by suggesting London bombings were a government conspiracy

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2216077/BBC-film-crew-held-gunpoint-trying-failing-sneak-U-S-Area-51-military-base.html#ixzz4EjIveG10
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