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Hillary for Prison! lmaoooooooo

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Hillary has one accomplishment in her life that demands respect. Avoiding Prison! She avoided prison better than every other crook!

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> No need to Snopes  this....Channel 12 in Beaumont Texas did the 

> reporting

>  Story appears on Beaumont TV station Channel 12.

> According to  the Beaumont newspaper and reports from a couple of 

> Beaumont TV stations  this really happened.

> Why did Hillary REALLY visit Beaumont,  Texas - Got to read this!!

> Hillary Clinton made a campaign stop  yesterday in Beaumont, Texas.

> Only six people were there to greet her.  Her security detail 

> outnumbered her supporters by quite a bit. She  wouldn't talk, wave to

> or even acknowledge those there to greet her. As  bad as that is, it's not

the real story here.

> The real story is who  she took a private meeting with. After landing,

> Clinton headed off to a  fundraiser in West Beaumont, where she was

> greeted by around 150-200  Muslims, most of whom were of Pakistani

> origin. The event was held by  Pakistani businessman Tahir Javed and

> Hillary raised approximately  $500,000 by pandering to Muslims, making

> it "one of the top five private  fundraiser's Clinton has had in this

> country." She's bought and paid for  by them. Spread this far and wide.

> You will not see it on national news  but this is what is going on.

> Sheila Jackson Lee was there as  well.

> http://www.12newsnow.com/category/177961/video?clipId=12154004&autostart=t 

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