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Woodpecker Weather Modification, Scalar Waves, Pawn Shop, Bureau d'études

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 Cinnamon    14,697


What is Woodpecker ? The term Woodpecker refers to the high-power OTH  radar which operated in Europe during the years 1976  – 1986. The signal from the Chernobyl-2 OTH station  (C-2) is pulse-modulated at a rate of several times a  second [most sources state 10 pulses per second],  sounding like a woodpecker. The radar was observed  using three repetition rates: 10 Hz, 16 Hz and 20 Hz.  The most common rate was 10 Hz, while the 16 Hz  and 20 Hz modes were rather rare. The pulses  transmitted by the woodpecker had a wide  bandwidth, typically 40 kHz.  Also in the 2000s on the HF bands, over-the-horizon  radars from other countries, using other pulse  frequencies, have been audible.


more at link

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 CGK    2,189

Check out this page I found in my bookmarks... Have fun with this...



"The Russian Woodpecker"
Duga Radar Array, Chenobyl, Ukraine

The Russian Woodpecker

Duga-3 array outside Chernobyl. The array of pairs of cylindrical/conical cages on the right are the driven elements, fed at the facing points with a form of ladder line suspended from stand-off platforms at top right. A back plane reflector of small wires can just be seen left of center, most clearly at the bottom of the image.

The Russian Woodpecker was a notorious Soviet signal that could be heard on the shortwave radio bands worldwide between July 1976 and December 1989. It sounded like a sharp, repetitive tapping noise, at 10 Hz, giving rise to the "Woodpecker" name. The random frequency hops disrupted legitimate broadcast, amateur radio, and utility transmissions and resulted in thousands of complaints by many countries worldwide.

The signal was long believed to be that of an over-the-horizon radar (OTH) system. This theory was publicly confirmed after the fall of the Soviet Union, and is now known to be the Duga-3[1] system, part of the Soviet ABM early-warning network. This was something that NATO military intelligence was well aware of all along, having photographed it and giving it the NATO reporting name Steel Yard.

Lots more: http://www.thelivingmoon.com/45jack_files/03files/Russian_Bases_Woodpecker_Duga_Radar_Ukraine.html

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 Cinnamon    14,697
40 minutes ago, CGK said:

Cinn...you never heard of woodpecker? Its the Russian version of HARP...


Nope and I never saw anything posted about it before either! Thanks for the link! 

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