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Clinton Foundation Can Bring Down Entire Government

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 Brio    1,038

Source: Tea Party


“The problem is with the Clinton Foundation as I mentioned, which you should just imagine as a massive spider web of connections and money laundering implicating hundreds of high-level people,” the source said. “Though I do not have a high opinion of Hillary, she is just a piece – albeit a big piece – of this massive sh*tstorm.”

Those implicated extends to the Justice Dept.

“The DOJ is most likely looking to save itself,” he continued. “Find everyone involved in the Clinton Foundation, from its donors to its Board of Directors, and imagine they are all implicated.”


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Team Uzi   
Team Uzi
3 hours ago, Quick1966 said:

To big to fall

Too big in the way that the Clinton Foundation doesn't act independently. It's part of a much larger NWO / Central Bank / Military Complex society that basically runs the world presently.

In and of itself it is basically money laundering and lower level international foreign policy mismanagement.

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