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Mars Alive

Structure / Craft on Mars

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4k Resolution!

Incredible mars anomaly found in NASA's Sol 991 Curiosity Left Mastcam (M-34), captured what appears to be another cover-up by NASA, NASA has many tactics for covering up anomalies on Mars like using fake sand, in this image there appears to be a structure or craft that possibly just hovered into view as Curiosity Rover took a snapshot of this area. 

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here is the link to the original Raw image from Nasa


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11 minutes ago, Cryptid Mold said:

That looks like Mars as a crystal.

There is a whole slew of them on     http://whotfetw.com/blog/


We FE-ers call it sonoluminescence, both stars and planets. Your OT, CM, is a lot more accurate than the Nazi Space Agency, the jokers who give us cartoons and fairy tales. 

Like this thingamagiggle.


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