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Putin WW3 Warning: World Being Pulled In Irreversible Direction

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 BigRed    150

Will the world heed the recent Putin WW3 warning? We are in impending danger and being pulled in irreversible direction. Will journalists tell their people?

The recent Putin WW3 warning dished out by the Russian President to journalists at the end of the International Economic Forum at St. Petersburg was very telling – and urgent. For years, Vladimir Putin has been frustrated by journalists, especially Western journalists, who are not reporting what is really going on in the world, or worse, deliberately spouting propaganda because they are on the payroll of the CIA or US Government (like may embedded journalists in Western Europe, as revealed by Udo Ulfkotte who came clean about the arrangement in 2014). For years, Putin has made it clear that the writing is on the wall, and that he can very clearly see the direction and purpose of US-NATO actions. These are exactly in line with the Wolfowitz doctrine and Brzezinski principle of isolating, weakening and surrounding Russia so that no other country could possibly challenge the preeminent American supremacy as the world’s only superpower. This nefarious US-NATO strategy is patently obvious, yet unfortunately, many people in the world are still unaware of it – and an awakened populace is necessary to stop it.


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 Brio    1,038
2 hours ago, BigRed said:

Will the world heed the recent Putin WW3 warning?

Probably not. Even if they ever hear or read about Putin's warning they won't do anything about it, and really, what can they do? Phone/email/write their rep.s hoping that will make a difference? Barking at airplanes. Hillary is the corporate candidate and will do whatever she's told. The banks are in distress and war is what makes them powerful and rich. I can't wrap my head around the cost of a hot conflict between Russia and the US but you can bet GS has calculators that can.

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