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Investigators Fool U.S. Nuke Agency Into Providing Material for ‘Dirty Bomb’

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 Cinnamon    24,639

Undercover inspectors working for the U.S. Government Accountability Office were able to fool the United States’ top nuclear regulator into granting it licenses to acquire material necessary to build a “dirty bomb,” or crude nuclear device, according to a newoversight report.

The GAO concluded in a new oversight report on the Nuclear Regulatory Committee, or NRC, that it had improved security measures, but still has “not taken some measures to better control some dangerous quantities of radioactive material.”

As part of a covert GAO test, the accountability agency established several dummy corporations and attempted to procure licenses needed to purchase dangerous radioactive materials, including those needed to build a crude nuclear explosive device.

The accountability agency did not take steps to make it appear as if these dummy corporations were legitimate businesses, according to the report, which showed that the NRC granted a license to the fake organization in one of three test cases.

In each case, the GAO attempted to acquire the licenses needed to purchase increasingly dangerous radioactive materials, the most dangerous of which are known as category 1 materials. The least dangerous materials are dubbed category 3, but all are classifications that include hazardous nuclear substances coveted by terror groups and other criminal outfits.

“GAO’s covert testing of NRC requirements showed them to be effective in two out of our three cases,” according to the report.

However, “in a third case, GAO was able to obtain a license and secure commitments to purchase, by accumulating multiple category 3 quantities of materials, a category 2 quantity of a radioactive material considered attractive for use in a ‘dirty bomb’—which uses explosives to disperse radioactive material,” according to the report.

“In the third case, the official from the regulatory body accepted GAO’s assurances without scrutinizing key aspects of the fictitious business, which led to a license being obtained,” according to the report.

The findings are particularly concerning as GAO “made no attempt to outfit the [fake business] site to make it appear as if a legitimate business was operating there.”



There is not a single government agency that is competent, unless it's me their scrutinizing... with all the crap I go through, I have to wonder how a terrorist gets into this country, how they provide nukes for a dirty bomb... when all I have to do is not license a dog in my county and I have the wrath of Khan all over me... same with a fishing license. 

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Team Uzi   
Team Uzi

This is totally normal for this regime.

It wouldn't surprise me if the recipe for a neutron bomb hasn't been downloaded from Hillbillary's private server.

Government doesn't do anything well and In most cases, jeopardizes our safety which is actually the opposite of government's primary function .

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