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A Likely and Scary Scenario

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A Likely and Scary Scenario

Donald Trump says "see ya!" to the Republican Party and drops out days before the primary election, leaving the party scrambling as Hillary skates to victory.

Trump drops out of the running mere days before the presidential primary election leaving no Republican candidate to rival the Dem's Hillary and she sails smoothly into victory.

Trump says it's because the Republican party heads and the "Never Trumpers" couldn't support him although he pledged to support them even if he didn't get the Republican nomination.

The real estate tycoon easily goes back to private life, friendship with Hillary and reinserts himself as a major corporate player pushing the politicians around.

It's not clear to me whether he had planned to do this all along, or if it was due to the Republic party's self-destruction. Either way, Hillary is president and it's (corporate) politics as usual come January.

Just food for thought


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