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War Is Coming And The Global Economic Situation Far Worse Than You Know (Videos)

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 BigRed    150

As the title by Michael Snyder implies, there is a war coming alright, many wars in fact. They are coming in different types and sizes, and they are not all against our foreign enemies that Snyder mentions like Russian and China. As you’ll learn in the video below brought to you by Jason A, we’re already seeing the breakdown of American society right now. Just because our joke of a media doesn’t cover it, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. 

In Dallas alone, over 200 officers have already resigned. Who can blame them? They’ve determined that their lives aren’t worth risking over a false narrative being spewed by Black Lives Matter. If you can even imagine this, there was a woman representing Black Lives Matter on the Kelly File on Friday night calling for the abolishing of all police completely. What?!?! That’s insane! 

The video below by Jason A accurately depicts what the world is devolving into. It accurately reflects a statement made earlier this week by Mark Meckler, the president of Citizens for Self-Governance. In a Breitbart News Daily Sirius XM interview, Meckler told Stephen K. Bannon: 

“We live now in a lawless America. Government’s no longer accountable. They don’t follow the same rules that we’re required to follow, and, in fact, the laws and the rules are actually used against us.”

He went on:

“I think we’re at a turning point in American history, a fork in the road. There are three possible directions for America:

1) Anarchy;

2) Revolution; or

3) An Article 5 Convention of States.

That’s it. Americans are going over the cliffs of insanity. We’ve had so many chances to turn around and take an exit, but we’ve decided to go over the cliffs instead. Find out about the rest of the interview with Meckler from Breitbart …HERE 


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