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Preparing For Living Off the Grid: 5 Tips To Get You Started

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 BigRed    150

I think we all need to hone our skills, if we have any. And if we don't...better start preparing now!

This is a project that can be tailored to every budget, and can incorporate as many (or as few) of the conveniences of modern technology as one desires. In fact, there are some great DIY preps that are affordable and can be accomplished in an afternoon or over the weekend, with just a bit of labor, the proper know-how, and a few minimal investments depending on the project.

Some of these preps are basically set and forget preps that require very little upkeep or input after initially being set up, while others may need varying levels of maintenance, but all these preps are quick, affordable things you can implement now. Here are some ideas to get you started:

DIY Rainwater Catchment

A rainwater catching system can be as simple as a large funnel directing water into a holding container of 5, 10, 20 gallons or more. Be sure to check the local regulations regarding catching and storing rainwater in your area, but so long as it’s legal to do so, rainwater is a valuable resource to catch, save and use.

Large, food-grade liquid storage containers, which are great for storing rainwater and range in size from 40 – 75 gallons to 300 or 400 gallons, can also be purchased for anywhere from $75 – $200.

In some cases you may even be able to get them for free by checking online and with local businesses. You can start catching rainwater as easily as putting one of these large containers or barrels beneath the drain of your roof’s gutters.

There are a lot of ways you can make use of rainwater now, too. You don’t have to wait for an emergency or disaster to start enjoying the benefits of watering your garden or plants with collected rainwater, for instance. Even your lawn can be irrigated with rainwater.

Add a basic level of filtration, and a few pumps or a gravity-fed system, and there are many potential uses for your rainwater in and around your home. Depending on where you live, you could potentially even use rainwater to fill a pool or top off your hot tub. Meanwhile, you’ll pay lower utility bills.



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 Guitar Doc    1,571

Good subject.

I know quite a few people who live off the grid. Many are close to self sufficiency but they still use the rest of society for some products and services.

Some are off the grid because of location alone which leaves them with no services or support where they are.

I have helped people build electrical generation to suit their purposes and needs.

Some grow illegal products to fund their lifestyle. Even the legit ones grow excess food to pay for domestic supplies.

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