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I’m From The Government and Here To Help

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 BigRed    150

“People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.”  -Alan Moore, V for Vendetta

Before you jump to a conclusion that the famous quote from Ronald Reagan is still operative, examine the sentiment of the throngs of benefit seekers who actually believe that government help is a good thing. The historically impaired reads this Reagan quip as a talking point out of the Obama playbook. Demanding your own government welfare tailored to the needs of your perceived little slice of paradise, is the new American dream. The reason why empirical evidence of a stained record and miserable failure of government programs does not resonate with the vast expanse of the great unwashed, boils down to the simple fact that the assistance deficient multitude, insist that they are owed a never ending flow of public financed payback.

What once was a healthy distrust of government cradle to grave intrusion, has become a dependency cultural birthright. With the upsurge of services and regulations, a tremendous explosion in public budgets is burying the taxpayer in a sea of debt. When more than half of the dole beggars, no longer pay taxes to their federal benefactor, it inevitably follows that the taste of free bennies, just wets the appetite for an endless feast.


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 rbear    240

A law school professor previous criminal defense attorney tells u why you should never talk to the cops. 

CopBlock Wins First Amendment Lawsuit

The following post and video was shared with the CopBlock Network by Bryan Jeffers of SEMO Cop Block, via the CopBlock.org Submissions Page. The post discusses an incident they were involved in where city officials, including the mayor, chief of police, and county sheriff retaliated against them for flipping the mayor off, which is a First Amendment protected act of Free Speech. Among other things, they had their water meter removed by city workers, even though they were current on their bill.

Within the video, the fact that they were paid up to date on their water bill and that the removal was ordered as an act of retaliation is admitted. Ultimately, these acts of retaliation led to a lawsuit by jeffers and his mother Tina Warren, which was supported by the ACLU.

The post below details the resolution of that lawsuit and conditions under which it was resolved.


continues on link below 


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 Han sole    472

your title lol 100% bullshit. govern ment. Govern to control, ment=mind. the government has never and will ever help

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 roamer    866
3 hours ago, Han sole said:

your title lol 100% bullshit.

The title is excellent! Pure sarcasm!  :cheer:

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