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They are awakening folks.

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[–]MuntbergCAN 52 points 4 hours ago 

I literally sit down and read politics stuff for 4 hours instead of playing Dota 2 for 4 hours like normal. The world is all topsy-turvy.


[–]the_republic_1776 22 points 3 hours ago 

I know right? Politics is now more entertaining then well.... entertainment!


[–]latinolizards4trump 16 points 3 hours ago 

lmao yeah me too, 7 months ago I would have never even imagined I'd spend hours reading up on politics as much as I have, and I have President Trump to thank.


People who have been shut off to whats important, thanks to Trump, have truly been awakened to reality.

If he has done one good thing, it is this. Something we all have tried for many years to do.

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I had to do some shopping yesterday and the elderly sales lady at Macy's went off on Hillary.
She said she couldn't believe she isn't being prosecuted. "Martha Stewart did time for a lot less."  lol

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