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Russian Moon

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Russia suggests America has NEVER landed on the moon and calls for 'an investigation into what really happened' 
Vladimir Markin has demanded an investigation into the moon landings
Says its vital to find out what happened to original footage from 1969 
The footage was lost by Nasa who accidentally erased it in the 1980s  
The government official says it could reveal insights into space journeys  


A Russian official has has cast doubt on the first moon landings and demanded an investigation into what really happened after original Nasa footage of the event disappeared.
Vladimir Markin, a spokesman for the Russian government's Investigative Committee, says he wants an inquiry after the video from 1969 and a piece of lunar rock, which was brought back to earth, went missing. 
In an opinion piece in the Russian newspaper Izvestia, Mr Markin says that such an inquiry is vital to reveal new insights into the historical space journey.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3130017/Russian-official-demands-investigation-really-happened-moon-landing-original-footage-disappeared.html#ixzz4EJ8fk41L
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The Soviet lunar program was covered up, forgotten after failing to put a man on the moon. These rare photos from a lab inside the Moscow Aviation Institute show a junkyard of rarely-seen spacecraft, including a never-to-be-used Soviet lunar lander.

Soviet scientists were well ahead of their American counterparts in moon exploration before President John F. Kennedy pronounced the U.S. would put a man there first. The Soviets had already landed the probe Luna 2 on the surface of the moon in 1959 and had an orbiting satellite in 1966.

The Soviets developed a similar multi-step approach to NASA, involving a module used to orbit the moon and one for landing. Their version was decidedly less complex and lighter to account for inferior rockets. These photos show the LK “Lunar Craft” lander, which has a similar pod-over-landing gear structure but numerous key differences.

All the activities done by two astronauts is done by one. To make the craft lighter, the LK only fits the one cosmonaut, who was supposed to peer through a tiny window on the side of the craft to land it. After landing the vehicle the pod separates from the landing gear, as with the Apollo Lunar Module, but uses the same engine for landing as it does for take off as another weight savings.
The L2 Lunar Orbit Module designed to transport the LK into orbit around the moon was similarly stripped down. There’s no internal connection between the two craft so the cosmonaut had to space walk outside to get into the LK and head towards the surface. When the LK rejoined the L2 for the return trip home, the now likely exhausted would then climb back out into the abyss of space. The LK would then be thrown away.


There were numerous political, scientific and financial reasons why the Soviets didn’t make it to the moon first, including a space agency with split priorities and therefore not single-mindedly dedicated to this goal. Neil Armstrong walked on the moon first on July 20, 1969, besting the Russians, who were still planning to visit the moon in the upcoming years.

They had the equipment, but they didn’t have the rockets.

Getting to the moon requires launching a command module and a lander. Both are heavy objects and require massive amounts of thrust to get into orbit. The Soviet’s planned to use their N-1 rocket, but two failed launches in 1971 and 1972 destroyed dummy landing and control modules, as well as the rockets themselves, and led to the program being shelved for lack of a proper launch vehicle.




My thoughts on this are that the Russians and Americans were having a major space race.  It was a matter of Soviet pride to compete.  The reason America won is they brought over the German rocket expert Werner Von Braun.  I remember seeing old Disney shows with Werner.  Werner also said it would take tons of shielding to go to the moon so as to escape cosmic radiation, so did we really go there. 

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 Walk Softly    2,830

Von Braun's tombstone has his name, the dates of life and Psalm 19:1.  

"The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork."


Kind of a weird thing for the father of NASA to have on his tombstone, eh?

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